EP Validation

Find all your granted European patents already uploaded.

In a few simple steps you will get fixed competitive pricing from an international network of highly qualified and experienced IP firms.

Reduce administration by letting the ACTIO Portal handle the validation of your Euopean granted patents.

The ACTIO portal is an advanced and automated platform. Combined with our experienced IP administration team, this simplies your EP validations and you free up time for higher value tasks.

With the following benefits

  • One-stop solution for your European validations
  • Access and review all of your pre-loaded granted EP patents
  • Competitive and fixed pricing
  • One order for all countries
  • International coverage with highly qualified and experienced IP firms
  • Flexibility to use your existing associates
  • Reduced administration by receiving all documents in a single email
  • One invoice
  • Download estimates, include your own service fees and send directly to your clients
  • Translation
    All translations are conducted by the local filing agent, i.e. by professional patent agents translating the description and claims into their mother language. When there is an order which includes a number of countries with the same translation requirements, we generally ask one agent to perform the translation and then send it to the other agents. We charge a fixed cost for the additional work incurred for forwarding the translation.

    5 simple steps