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Save time handling multiple trademark filings. On the ACTIO Portal you can instruct highly qualified and experienced IP firms worldwide.

Reduce administration and get fixed competitive pricing by letting the ACTIO Portal handle your global trademark filings.

The ACTIO portal is an advanced and automated platform. Combined with our experienced IP administration team, this simplies your trademark filings and you free up time for higher value tasks.

With the following benefits

  • One-stop solution for your Trademark filings
  • Competitive and fixed pricing
  • One order for all countries
  • International coverage with highly qualified and experienced IP firms
  • Flexibility to use your existing associates
  • Reduced administration by receiving all documents in a single email
  • One invoice
  • Download estimates, include your own service fees and send directly to your clients
  • 5 simple steps

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    About the ACTIO Portal

    Are you looking to reduce costs and the administrative burden of organising and instructing multiple international agents for your filings, validations and IP renewals?

    The ACTIO Portal is built on an advanced reciprocity algorithm to ensure a even flow of filings for the users. You also have the flexibility on the Portal to choose the selected firms or continue to use your existing local associates.